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Hi tech automotive , is dedicated to keeping you safe on the road. Our experienced service department will keep your vehicle running in top condition. We use the latest automotive diagnostic technology to provide you with high quality service, and quick turnaround. In fact, our parts department carries a large inventory of in stock parts, no one in the area offers a larger inventory of parts and accessories for you vehicle. This gets you on the road quickly and safely without breaking your wallet ..

Smog check

Smog checks are a vital component to ensuring that our motorized vehicles are not emitting a dangerous amount of chemicals. When a vehicle is not operating under the guidelines for emissions, it is not only illegal for operation, but also dangerous to the environment. The California Department of Motor Vehicles requires a smog check for all motorized vehicles, with the exception of motorcycles, trailers, hybrids, gas-powered vehicles made in or after 1975, and diesel-powered vehicles made in 1997 or later.

During a smog check, our technicians examine the exhaust system of your vehicle to determine two very important things. The first is how many pollutants your vehicle’s exhaust system is omitting. The second key element is the type of pollutants that your car’s exhaust system is omitting. These two elements determine whether or not your vehicle is safe to drive and if it will pass the state required smog test. 

Did you know that other parts of your vehicle omit smog and emissions too? That is why several other parts of your motorized vehicle receive examination during a smog check. By examining these components of the vehicle, we can better determine if it meets the California requirements for passing a smog test

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